Popular Chart Pattern Screeners For United States Stocks
Bullish Patterns
Double BottomEOD DailyWeeklyMonthly
Double Bottom (Potential)EOD DailyWeeklyMonthly
Triple BottomEOD DailyWeeklyMonthly
Triple Bottom (Potential)EOD DailyWeeklyMonthly
Reverse Head & ShoulderEOD DailyWeeklyMonthly
Reverse Head & Shoulder (Potential)EOD DailyWeeklyMonthly
Higher Highs & Higher LowsEOD DailyWeeklyMonthly

Bearish Patterns
Double TopEOD DailyWeeklyMonthly
Double Top (Potential)EOD DailyWeeklyMonthly
Triple TopEOD DailyWeeklyMonthly
Triple Top (Potential)EOD DailyWeeklyMonthly
Head & ShoulderEOD DailyWeeklyMonthly
Head & Shoulder (Potential)EOD DailyWeeklyMonthly
Lower Highs & Lower LowsEOD DailyWeeklyMonthly

Note : All Data Generated at the End of Trading Hours (EOD Data)