Valuation Ratio Screeners For United States Stocks
PE Ratio Screeners
Low PE Ratio Below 5Screener
PE Ratio 5 to 10 (Undervalued Stocks)Screener
PE Ratio 10 to 15 (Fairly Value Stocks)Screener
PE Ratio 15 to 25 (Good Value Stocks)Screener
PE Ratio 25 to 30 (Overvalued Stocks)Screener
High PE Ratio Above 30Screener
PE Ratio Low to HighScreener
PE Ratio High to LowScreener
PS Ratio Screeners
Low PS Ratio Below 1Screener
PS Ratio 1 to 2 (Undervalued Stocks)Screener
PS Ratio 2 to 5 (Fairly Value Stocks)Screener
PS Ratio 5 to 10 (Overvalued Stocks)Screener
PS Ratio 10 to 20Screener
PS Ratio 20 to 40 Screener
High PS Ratio Above 40Screener
PS Ratio Low to HighScreener
PS Ratio High to LowScreener
PB Ratio Screeners
Low PB Ratio Below 1Screener
PB Ratio 1 to 2 (Undervalued Stocks)Screener
PB Ratio 2 to 3 (Fairly Value Stocks)Screener
PB Ratio 3 to 5 (Overvalued Stocks)Screener
PB Ratio 5 to 10Screener
PB Ratio 10 to 20 Screener
High PB Ratio Above 20Screener
PB Ratio Low to HighScreener
PB Ratio High to LowScreener
EV to Revenue
EV / Revenue 0 to 1Screener
EV / Revenue 1 to 2Screener
EV / Revenue 2 to 5Screener
EV / Revenue 5 to 10Screener
EV / Revenue 10 to 15Screener
EV / Revenue 15 to 20Screener
EV / Revenue 20 to 50Screener
EV / Revenue Above 50Screener
EV / Revenue Low to HighScreener
EV / Revenue High To LowScreener
EV / EBITDA 0 to 1Screener
EV / EBITDA 1 to 2Screener
EV / EBITDA 2 to 5Screener
EV / EBITDA 5 to 10Screener
EV / EBITDA 10 to 15Screener
EV / EBITDA 15 to 20Screener
EV / EBITDA 20 to 50Screener
EV / EBITDA Above 50Screener
EV / EBITDA Low to HighScreener
EV / EBITDA High to LowScreener
Earning Yield Screeners
Low Earning Yield Below 2Screener
Earning Yield 2 to 5 Screener
Earning Yield 5 to 10Screener
Earning Yield 10 to 15 Screener
Earning Yield 15 to 20Screener
High Earning Yield Above 20Screener
Earning Yield High to LowScreener
Earning Yield Low to HighScreener
PEG Ratio Screeners
Low PEG Ratio Below 0.5Screener
PEG Ratio 0.5 to 1Screener
PEG Ratio 1 to 2Screener
PEG Ratio 2 to 3 Screener
PEG Ratio 3 to 5Screener
High PEG Ratio Above 5Screener
PEG Ratio Low to HighScreener
PEG Ratio High to LowScreener

Note : All Data Generated at the End of Trading Hours (EOD Data)