Guru Ratio Screeners For United States Market
Altman Z Score
Altman Z Score High To LowScreener
Altman Z Score Low to HighScreener
Altman Z Score - Safe ZoneScreener
Altman Z Score - Grey ZoneScreener
Altman Z Score - Distress ZoneScreener
Piotroski F-Score
Piotroski F-Score High To LowScreener
Piotroski F-Score Low to HighScreener
Piotroski F-Score - Strong Financial StrengthScreener
Piotroski F-Score - Neutral Financial StrengthScreener
Piotroski F-Score - Weak Financial StrengthScreener
Peter Lynch Fair Value
Price to Peter Lynch Fair Value High To LowScreener
Price to Peter Lynch Fair Value Low to HighScreener
Peter Lynch - UndervaluedScreener
Peter Lynch - OvervaluedScreener
Graham No
Price to Graham No High To LowScreener
Price to Graham No Low to HighScreener
Graham No - UndervaluedScreener
Graham No - OvervaluedScreener
Sloan Ratio
Sloan Ratio High To LowScreener
Sloan Ratio Low to HighScreener
Sloan Ratio Safe ZoneScreener
Sloan Ratio Warning ZoneScreener
Sloan Ratio Red ZoneScreener

Note : All Data Generated at the End of Trading Hours (EOD Data)