Monthly Master Candle Screener

About Screener : Master Candle Screener

Monthly Master Candle Screener simplifies spotting long candle engulfing the next four candles, all opening and closing within the first's body, with defined stop loss used for intraday/swing

Traders use this information to make informed decisions and can set appropriate stop loss level defining risk more accurately with the help of analyzing screeners.

Highlighted benefits of Master Candle screeners
  • Better analysis and reality check
  • Can do back testing
  • Helps to identify overnight sentiments
  • Low risk management
  • Used with any asset class
  • Used in different time frames

Fine Tune : You can customise these screeners by clicking on 'Fine Tune Filter' Option

Caution : All these screeners are crafted based on some historical scenarios which may / may notbe applicable here. We recommend to fine tune them according to current market conditions or seek expert advise before taking any decision.
Concept & Strategies of Master Candle Screeners Explained

Note : All Data Generated at the End of Trading Hours (EOD Data)