5 Years Breakout And Taken Support Screener

About Screener: Breakout and Taken Support Screener

5 Years Breakout and Taken Support Screener identify stocks showing bullish trends by taking support from their breakout point in upward direction. This screener is useful for traders/investors focusing on positional or swing trading.

By this Screener, traders can identify trading opportunities and increase their chances of capturing profitable trends in the market.

It verifies that these stocks have created a new support level.

Highlighted benefits of TSR Breakout and taken support screener
  • Indicates a bullish trend
  • Suitable for positional and swing trading
  • customize options as per your choice and key indicators like volume and other
  • Simple strategy formation

Fine Tune : You can customise these screeners by clicking on 'Fine Tune Filter' Option

Caution : All these screeners are crafted based on some historical scenarios which may / may notbe applicable here. We recommend to fine tune them according to current market conditions or seek expert advise before taking any decision.
Concept & Strategies of Breakout And Taken Support Screeners Explained

Note : All Data Generated at the End of Trading Hours (EOD Data)